Soda Shoals - Candy Coast
Candy Coast is the 5th world added to Onverse. It is a world full of sweets and sugar. It was added to Onverse on September 26, 2014. Candy Coast has six regions: Doughnut Beach, Soda Shoals, Crystal Mesa, Creamy Canyon, Lollipop Forest, and Milkfall Estate.

"Live at the sweetest place imaginable! Travel across a land made of cake that is covered in candy, doughnuts, ice cream and more!"

Housing and Land Plots Edit

The Candy Coast Housing region has five types of homes which are made out of cake. These homes allow building around the exterior as well s the interior of the home.

The Candy Coast Land Plots region is the same as the Candy Coast Housing region, except with empty land for sale instead of houses. This area has land plots, and parcels which are half the size of the land plots.

Housing Edit

Name Cost Furniture
Cake Cottage 30,000 PP (24,000 PP VIP) 180 (216 VIP)
Cake House 100,000 PP (80,000 PP VIP) 235 (282 VIP)
Cake Villa 900 CC (720 CC VIP) 300 (360 VIP)
Cake Manson 1,400 CC (1,120 CC VIP) 425 (510 VIP)
Cake Estate 4,000 CC (3,200 CC VIP) 724 (870 VIP)

Land Plots Edit

Name Cost Furniture
Cake Land Plot (Milkfall Estate) 4,000 CC (3,200 CC VIP) 850 (1020 VIP)
Cake Land Plot 2,000 CC (1,600 CC VIP) 800 (960 VIP)
Cake Parcel 1,000 CC (800 CC VIP) 400 (480 VIP)

Tool Targets Edit

The tool targets in the Candy Coast region are gummy worms, jawbreakers, and piles of candy.

Tool Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Green Gummy Worm


Blue Gummy Worm


Yellow Gummy Worm


White Jawbreaker


Blue Jawbreaker


Pink Jawbreaker


Pile of Candy Sprinkles


Pile of Candies


Pile of Gummy Bears

Mega Tool Target Locations Edit

These tool targets are larger and drop more PP. They appear in specific locations, but sometimes they're not there. They appear in the same locations in the housing and land plot versions of Candy Coast.

  • Gummy Worm circling the giant lollipop in front of Mansion 5 or in Plot 7.
  • Gummy Worm on the chocolate frosted doughnut in the milk in front of Mansion 7 or Plot 8.
  • Gummy Worm inside The Candy Heart, entered through the big glowing rock candy portal near Villa 1 or Plot 1.
  • Jawbreaker in the milk in front of the waterfall in front of Mansion 3 or Plot 4.
  • Jawbreaker on the hill behind Villa 3 or Plot 2.
  • Pile of Candy on the green hill in front of Milkfall Estate.
  • Pile of Candy in the milk pool behind Cottage 16 or near Plot 9 on the other side of the yellow cake wall.

Gift Drops Edit

Tool targets in this location can cause the following items to drop.

Image Name
Blue Candy Button
Chocolate Bar Rug
Elegant Icing Decal
Green Peppermint Decal
Heart Shaped Icing Decal
Pink Candy Button
Rainbow Sprinkles Decal
Rainbow Stripe Candy Rug
Red Candy Button
Sprinkles Candy Rug
Wide Decorative Icing Decal
Yellow Candy Button