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A gem worth 5 Player Points

Onverse has a dual currency. These two are Player Points and Cash Coins (also referred as PPs and CCs).

They can be purchased here.


There are many different ways to use PP and CC. They can be spent on clothes, furniture, tools, mounts, pets, houses and more. If you earned or bought it fair and square you can spend it however you like! 

Ways of earning

Each currency has multiple ways of being earned.

Player Points

Each world offers a large amount of Tool Targets. They are the main mean to get them. When the user finds a target, they have to get next to it and use a tool on them, such as a hammer, shovel, net or global, depending on the type of target. It must also be considered the level of the target, out of the possible three. The higher the level, the higher amounts of PPs the user will obtain. If a gift drop is obtained, it can be sold for a decent amount of PPs as well.

Furthermore, another strategy includes completing quests or Trials and selling their prizes. Their sell prices depend on the rarity and tier they belong to. For instance, the highest tiers offer the best rewards, and therefore, the highest sell prices. This strategy is mainly aimed for quests like the Staff of Ra or Pandora's Box as they offer sell prices higher than 1000 PPs per tier 3 with less stages and lower difficulty (parts of the quest).

A spinning Cash Coin that could be found in the Learning Center.

Cash Coins

Cash Coins can be obtained by Gold Key hunting, once obtained you can sell the key or turn it in for a chance of a prize worth more CCs. You can also hunt for Canned Food donations and turn those in for a chance to win a few CCs.

CCs can also be earned by doing third party special offers.

CCs can also be obtained by winning Events hosted by the Guide Team.