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View of Whispering Wharf

Enchanted Forest is one of the 5 main worlds in Onverse. It was added on the update which took place the 18th of June, 2011, along with Premium Vault and tons of forest-themed items.

As usual, a new archive was added to the News Section.

"A magical forest has awakened after thousands of years. Find a home in a gorgeous, magical landscape of towering trees and tranquil lakes!"

This world is based, as its name indicates, on a forest, full of magic, Fae people (fairies), talking frogs and giant mushrooms and flowers.

Housing, Estates, and Land Plots[]


Name Cost Furniture
Cobblestone Bungalow 5,000 PP (4,000 PP VIP) 75 (90 VIP)
Cobblestone Cottage 30,000 PP (24,000 PP VIP) 150 (180 VIP)
Cliffside Tower 35,000 PP (28,000 PP VIP) 160 (192 VIP)
Cobblestone House 100,000 PP (80,000 PP VIP) 175 (210 VIP)
Cobblestone Villa 500 CC (400 CC VIP) 225 (270 VIP)
Cobblestone Mansion 1,000 CC (800 CC VIP) 350 (420 VIP)
Cliffside Castle 1,500 CC (1,200 VIP) 475 (570 VIP)

Estates and Land Plots[]

Name Cost Furniture
Mountainview Lodges 2,000 CC (1,600 CC VIP) 500 (600 VIP)
Mountainview Land Plots 1,500 CC (1,200 CC VIP) 600 (720 VIP)
Enchanted Estates 2,500 CC (2,000 CC VIP) 600 (720 VIP)
Enchanted Land Plots 2,000 CC (1,600 CC VIP) 800 (960 VIP)

Tool Targets[]

The tool targets here are mushrooms, fairies, and snakes. For all of them, level 1 is white, level 2 is blue, and level 3 is orange.

Tool Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Mega Tool Target Locations[]

  • Fairy in the center of the elder stones.
  • Snake in The Snake Pit, a cave with an entrance near Castle 1.
  • Fairy in the Ancient Grove near the door to the Aether. To get here you need at least one of the fists from the Elemental quest. For further instructions on getting to the Ancient Grove, see the Elemental Quest Guide.

The Elemental Quest[]

The Elemental Quest was added to Onverse in January 2012.[1] In this quest, you travel to the Elemental Planes, collect all four Elemental Fists, travel to the Plane of Aether, and finally to the Eternal Spring, where you water the seed of life, breathe life back into Mother Nature and save the Enchanted Forest. This quest gives a variety of elemental and fairy themed rewards.

Full Guide: Elemental Quest Guide