His 'n' Hers is a store with two sides, each side containing gender-specific clothing.

His PP Items


Black Deep V Neck Shirt-79 PP (63PP VIP)

Blue Deep V Neck Shirt- 76PP (63PP VIP)

Blue Track Jacket & Plain Tee Combo-200 PP (160PP VIP) 

Blue Vaquero Shirt and Jacket -277 PP (221PP VIP)

Christmas Vest with Rolled Sleeves- 4000PP (3200PP VIP)

Collared Blue Buttondown & Argyle Sweater Combo -200 PP (160PP VIP)

Collared Red Buttondown & Blue Tee Combo - 200PP (160PP VIP)

Collared Red Buttondown & Tan Tee Combo - 200PP (160PP VIP)

Gray Deep V Neck Shirt - 76PP (63PP VIP)

Green Deep V Neck Shirt - 79 PP (63PP VIP)

Leather Jacket & Demon Tee Combo -200 PP (160PP VIP)

Leather Jacket & Dragon Tee Combo - 200PP (160PP VIP)

Leather Jacket & Plain Tee Combo -200 PP (160PP VIP)

Purple Deep V Neck Shirt - 79PP (63PP VIP)

Red and White Festive Vest with Rolled Sleeves -4000 PP (3200PP VIP)

Red Track Jacket & Blue Tee Combo - 200PP (160PP VIP)

Red Track Jacket & Cosmetologist Tee Combo - 200PP (160PP VIP)

Red Vaquero Shirt and Jacket - 277PP (221PP VIP)

Tan Sweater & Argyle Combo - 200PP (160PP VIP) 

Tan Sweater & Designer Tee Combo - 200PP (160PP VIP)

His CC Items

Hers PP Items

Hers CC Items