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There are 4 types of guides on Onverse. These guides are responsible for keeping control of the community, answering questions, and showing new people around. The four types of guides are listed below along with information.
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===Tour Guides===
These guides are volunteer guides in Onverse. They are chosen by the community manager to help people and answer questions. They have no special abilities such as suspending people but control the community and are responsible for keeping the peace and hosting events. Their names appear in orange on Onverse.
Guides are one step above Tour Guides. They do have special abilities as mentioned before and are again chosen to be promoted by the community manager. They are responsible for all of the things mentioned in the tour guides but have more privileges than the tour guides. Their names appear in yellow on Onverse.
===Senior Guides===
Senior guides are the some of the most important guides on Onverse. They represent actual areas in the world and they have the most influence under the community manager. They are among the most important people in Onverse and help to organize and control events. Their names appear in purple on the game.
===Community Manager and Developers===
These are the most important people in Onverse. They are the people who made the game along with Timber. Timber is the community manager and is responsible for the community. She keeps it under control and is its voice. She was recently appointed as such and is well deserved as the community manager. She can host her own small events if she wants and can award money. StevEO, Wes and Eslayer are the creators of Onverse that are still on. They are the creators and as such they can do pretty much anything they want. They are working hard on the game and their work shows. These 4 people's names are in blue on Onverse.
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Character Customization

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The World

The game has an open map style system where players are free to move about and interact with other players. There are places to explore and "hangouts" to interact with other players. Players can view the world by either moving a camera around their player, or freelooking in the "equip mode". There are also items in the world that players can interact with, such as bugs, rocks, and crates. However, the world is not full of interactive physicals, and most of it cannot be modified by player action. Many of these physicals are on : The Hub, and the newly added Moon.


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