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Find quest and secret spot tutorials in this compilation of guides.

Ancient Cultures Quests


Area 1: Valley of Ra

Instructions: Dig up the Artifacts until you find a Red Gift Drop!

You'll receive the Gold Ore!

Area 2: The Temple of Nebu

Instructions: Get to the top of the temple! Time your jumps properly, and jump back a platform if the way forward isn't opened yet!


You'll receive the Gold Snake Head at the Goldforge!

Area 3: Well of Anqet

Instructions: Use a partner to cross the water using levers, and team up in traveling to the top of the well by taking turns jumping on the tips of the lights! Be sure to hit that lever to let you get to the very top!


You'll receive the Unpowered Staff of Ra at the Rod of Anqet!

Area 4: Plateau of the Sun

Instructions: Trek across the Plateau of the Sun by combining all the skills from before! Time your jumps, time using levers, and journey midair by traveling along the tips of lights.


You'll receive the Staff of Ra at the Beacon of Ra!


Part 1, Temple of the Graeae

Part 2, Poseidon's Labyrinth

Part 3, The Valley of Hera

Part 4, Feeding the Pegasus

Part 5, Medusa's Lair

Part 6, Hades

Part 7, Pandora's Coffin



Ninja Journal 1

Ninja Journal 2

Ninja Journal 3

Ninja Journal 4

Ninja Journal 5


Samurai 1

Samurai 2

Samurai 3

Samurai 4

Samurai 5

Samurai 6

Trials of the Ancients

Temple of Suul

Temple of Suul video tutorial

Temple of Suul tutorial

Solo Trials

Solo 1

Solo #1 Crystal Corridor (Bronze)

Solo #1 Stairway to Heaven (Silver)

Solo #1 Geode Canyon (Gold)

Solo 2

Solo #2 Guiding Light (Bronze)

Solo #2 Colorshow (Silver)

Solo #2 Gulp (Gold)

Solo 3

Solo #3 The Bone Parade (Bronze)

Solo #3 The Primordial Goo (Silver)

Solo #3 Boom! (Gold)

Solo 4

Solo #4 Waterworks (Bronze)

Solo #4 Pearl of Atlantis (Silver)

Solo #4 Don't Look Down (Gold)

Solo 5

Solo #5 The Burial Grounds (Bronze)

Solo #5 Lair of Poison (Silver)

Solo #5 Frosty Chasm (Gold)

Solo 6

Solo #6 Raincheck (Silver)

Solo #6 Raincheck (raining) (Silver)

Solo 7

Solo #7 Laser Beams (Silver)

Solo #7 Journey into the Sun

Team Trials

Team 1

Team 3

Seasonal Quests

Spooky Hollow - Zombie Burger tutorial 2014

Spooky Hollow - Ben the Butcher tutorial 2013

North Pole - Journey to the North Star tutorial 2014

Valentine's Day - Love Compatibility tutorial 2014

Spring Egg Hunt - The Hive of Queen Buzz tutorial 2014

Onverse Day quest tutorials - #1 - #2 - #3 2014

Onverse Day quest tutorials - #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 2013

Crystal Awards maze tutorial 2013

Enchanted Forest Elemental Planes Quest video tutorial

Enchanted Forest Quest Guide read tutorial

Secret Spots

The Hub

Seymour's Secret Shop without VIP

Seymour's Secret Shop using a car

The Old Onverse Slides

Tesla Coil

StevEO's Meditation Spot

Volcano Island

The Groove Tube

Hot Air Balloon

Ancient Moon

The Bubble Club

Zorg's Secret Lair

Enchanted Forest

Hammer of the Gods

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