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Techtronics' sign.

Trechtronics is one of the four main store in Ancient Moon. It sells electronic devices for houses and a few for avatars, such as televisions, video game supplies, computer hardware and mobile phones. It is located between ZeroG and Luna Nova in the Xenshai Spaceport. Techtronics' name is most likely based on the word "electronics" combined with "technology".

Next to Techtronics' entrance, there is a teleporter which allows users to get to its second floor, in which they can find the Uber Zapper available for sale. 

Purchasable itemsEdit

This store offers a wide variety of electronic devices.


  • Like the rest of the other stores, Techtronics has climbable structures on its top.
  • This store used to be placed in The Hub. However, when Ancient Moon was created, it was moved there.
  • Techtronics' files still remain under the "Hub" folder in files.
  • This store is the oldest one out of all stores in Ancient Moon.